Buy 2GB SD Card for Marine GPS Waypoints Import

As mentioned across the web and found on forums everywhere, some Fishermen still don’t know about using 2GB SD Cards with their Marine GPS units like Garmin, Humminbird, Raymarine, Lowrance, Simrad and more.

Play it safe! Use a 2GB Card


Play it safe and use a 2GB SD Card when transferring your Waypoints to and SD Card from your GPS or from your Computer to the SD Card.

Why? In many cases, a 2GB SD Card is the suggested size and format for dozens of models. This is often the case with lower end/smaller size units in several name brands. A 2GB Card is still the safest size for any Marine GPS. Using high capacity SD Cards may not work for waypoint transfers in many cases. Larger cards work fine for GPS Software updates, but may not work at all for Waypoint Importing and exporting from your GPS to SD Card,  from GPS to your Computer and vice versa.

2GB SD Cards for your GPS are hard to find these days. We recently purchased several thousand from an overseas seller, so we have them on hand. If you need your personal Fishing Spots or Waypoints placed on an SD Card, or if you simply need a blank 2GB SD Card to “do it yourself”, please contact below and let us know your situation and we’ll be glad to help and price a package deal with your fishing spots installed/converted from one brand to another, or a blank card.

Please contact us about SD Cards using the contact form below.