Load Fishing Spots to GPS Tracks on iPad and iPhone



GPS Tracks App loads our Google Earth/Google Maps KML file from an email attachment right from your iPhone or iPad, or load from your Drop Box. So, at this point, you should have your Google Earth.kml file as an attachment on your tablet in an email, or saved in your drop box, or already have the file(s) on your mobile device and extracted from the ZIP file we sent to you. EITHER WAY, THE GOOGLE EARTH KML FILE IS THE FILE YOU NEED TO IMPORT INTO THE GPS TRACKS APP. CLICK HERE TO GET GPS TRACKS FOR YOUR IPHONE OR IPAD (See Screen Shots Below)


You can open a file that is emailed to you as an attachment from your iPad or iPhone Mail app right to the GPS Tracks App. Perform the following after you have received your fishing spots email from us. Remember, our email will come to you in a ZIP file. From that ZIP file, YOU ONLY NEED THE GOOGLE EARTH FILE HANDY FOR THIS SIMPLE IMPORT.

1. To open any of your GOOGLEARTH.kml Fishing spots files, hold your finger on the file attachment for a couple of seconds until a menu appears.

2. Select the “Open, Open with or Open In” option and then select GPS Tracks as the App to open the file. In IOS 6 this process is slightly different in that the menu that appears initially after you hold your finger on the file for two seconds, you should see the option to simply Open in GPS Tracks.

3. Go fishing!

GPS Tracks App screenshots are below, or visit their official website here. – See our Legal Disclaimer here