Thank you for your Purchase!

Hello fellow Fisherman!

This page is confirmation you have purchased Fishing Spots Maps from the Coastal Fishing Group. Your payment has been submitted and we would like to thank you for your business!

What happens next?

An email with your fishing spots in digital format will be sent to your email address today. Normally, fishing spots emails are sent twice per day. Once in the mornings and once in the afternoon. Please be patient as this is our busiest time of year.. Your fishing spots will be in your inbox soon!

Check your Spam Email Folder

If you don’t see your fishing spots within a few hours of cleared purchase, please take a look inside your spam email folder. We send your GPS SD Card files inside a zip file. Sometimes, mail servers will automatically ‘spam’ any zip file attachment emails, but this one is NOT spam. However, it ends up in the spam box on many email accounts which are mainly Yahoo Mail and Hotmail accounts.

In the meantime, check it out!

iPhone and iPad users: For opening and using our included Google Earth fishing map files, Go ahead and install Google Earth if you don’t have it. For navigation and If you want a ‘true’ GPS app, install the free ‘Garmin Bluechart” app from the play store/marketplace. You can unlock incredible map detail for any coastal area for under $30 inside the app! You can still use Garmin Bluechart for IOS without unlocking the high detail maps. Note: it’s your responsibility to learn these apps.

Android-Droid users: For opening and viewing our included Google Earth Fishing Map files, please download ‘Locus Map Free’ from the play store to your device. It’s the best free ‘all in one’ GPS apps and shows our included, built in highly detailed nautical charts. If you choose, you may purchase the pro version of Locus Map and you will not see the Ad’s.

We’ll see you on the water! Again, your fishing spots will be coming soon…! Have a super day and thank you again for doing business with The Coastal Fishing Group and GPS Fishing Maps, LLC.