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GPS Fishing Maps is the number one choice of Guides and Fishermen in all coastal states and fishing areas. Our product offers all fishermen guide level Fishing Spots and Fishing Maps for your boats GPS and Mobile Devices using simple, easy to use files. Most all our fishing spots are brought to you by local Fishing Guides in each coastal saltwater Fishing area and freshwater Lake Fishing area. We offer pro saltwater fishing spots in nine states and several Inland Lake Fishing Spots and GPS Lake Fishing Maps in several states and we’re expanding all the time! See a list of Fishing spots locations available near you. If you don’t see your fishing area, simply request the link to your fishing area. The GPS Fishing Maps Company serves fishermen all over the United States with Professional Level Fishing Spots Maps provide and proven by some of the best Fishermen on the water.

NOAA NAUTICAL CHARTS FOR MOBILE DEVICESPRO FISHING MAPS FOR GPS OR MOBILE. You’ll love our Google Earth NOAA Nautical Charts overlay built in to all our offshore fishing maps in any coastal state. See the example image to left. Fishermen prefer the NOAA Charts¬†overlay because it shows users depths, bottom contours and other NOAA Chart Symbols which overlay on to our Google Earth Fishing Map for your computer or mobile device. Anytime.. Anywhere, view your Fishing Maps! Read on to see more about our NOAA digital chart overlay system for iPhone, Android, Droid or your computer. The fishing spots names on our Google Earth fishing maps match the names of fishing spots on our GPS files, allowing the two files to coexist with great accuracy. This allows fishermen to look at the Google Earth Fishing Map fishing map on any device and pick spots for their next fishing trip, and see comments on the fishing spots. Anywhere… Anytime, fishermen can look at the map before even launching their boat, and in most cases, view the spots with NOAA nautical chart overlay!.

GPS Fishing Spots MapsTop Fishermen = Top Fishing Results. Our unique group of Guides and Tournament Fishermen work along-side our Fishing Spots and Mapping Team to bring you some of the best Fishing Spots Maps available anywhere in the United States for a wide variety of fishing. The careful organization and waypoint placement/planning is the most crucial part of our business. This includes meeting regularly with our contributing fishing guides on a regular basis and visiting all ports of call in coastal city where products are offered, including coastal Saltwater guides and lake guides who assist with our Inland Lakes Fishing Maps and Fishing Spots.

Being Number One isn’t always easy!

Over a decade of research and a large amount of funding have gone into our Pro Level Fishing Spots project to keep us on the leading edge in the Fishing Spots business. Our Fishing Guide cooperative Network is very large and consists of dozens of active Fishing Guides and Tournament Professionals that fish for a living in each local area where we offer our fishing spots Maps. The fishermen in our network have shared some of their hottest fishing spots in their local areas to gain access to other areas where they had no GPS Coordinates, later came into an agreement to offer them to the public (27 year pro-fisherman and guide, Capt. Richie Lott, GA, was the founder of this GPS coordinates sharing system in 2002 in GA, FL and SC which is now nation wide. The initial company sold to GPS Fishing Maps in 2014)

What was once only available to Guides is now available to all Fishermen

Until recently, this very unique and one-of-a-kind Fishing Spots system was only available to guides and professional fishermen inside a private sharing network established online by a coastal Georgia fishing guide. Over time, this small network went viral and was over 230 fishing guides strong by 2004. With the full permission from those within our network, we’ve teamed with many of them to place superb fishing spots data that is precisely organized by area for all fishermen by the group. Access to our Fishing Spots areas is not cheap, but in this business, you get what you pay for. Period.

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Dana King (Operations Manager) Fernandina Beach, FL