Legal Disclaimer


We all hate the the legal stuff, but below is our disclaimers and Legal excerpts

DISCLAIMER AND OFFICIAL/LEGAL WARNING – NO GUARANTEE OF SAFETY OR NAVIGATION! Put simply, use your purchased fishing spots at your own risk from any of our websites. We are in no way responsible for any damages to person(s) or property (yours or any others) while using our fishing spots while navigating to and/or from fishing spots, or fishing at any fishing spots. Some fishing spots may be too shallow for your boat and knowledge of the area(s) you fish is your sole responsibility.

WE ASSUME NO LIABILITY FOR ANY APPS  OR SOFTWARE – By installing any suggested apps and/or using any of our fishing spots, fishing files, fishing software with any app listed on any of our websites, or any other GPS apps or apps in general you might use with any fishing spots, we are not responsible for your personal safety or property of any kind while using our fishing spots, fishing maps, apps or any associated item(s) with this website or our company – companies or its employees or connected aliases et, al.

NAVIGATING TO FISHING SPOTS CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS – There are many hazards from the boat ramp or dock, to your desired fishing location. Your navigation skills should be above average before you ever use a boat of any kind. Contact your local Law Enforcement or Natural Resources office for boating courses if you feel you need assistance with navigation. Furthermore, by purchasing our fishing spots in general, you agree to hold harmless GPS Fishing Maps or any of it’s subsidiaries or affiliates, in any way form or fashion.

These are ONLY Fishing spots, NOT navigation maps or file of any kind, what so ever. Their accuracy can be flawed on GPS machines, mobile applications and software. In no way, shape, form or fashion do we guarantee fish will be caught at any of these fishing spots, nor do we guarantee your personal or property safety at any point during your trip where any of our fishing spots may be installed on ANY of your navigation equipment. Period.

Note: If you do not know the local waters you’ll be boating and fishing upon, consider contacting a local Fishing Guide or other Licensed Captain so you might have a chance to learn the area and where hazards might lye in your path while on the water. Sorry, we cannot legally recommend a Guide or Captain for this process. Your due diligence and best judgment is required for this, and any other decisions you make in association with these Fishing Spots.

Thank you for purchasing Fishing Spots from the GPS Fishing Maps, LLC Company!

Fish on… Rock on!