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Get your GPS File placed into a printable PDF Coordinates List

There are many options for Fishermen who are looking to upgrade their Marine GPS or simply switch GPS Brands or Models because they have sold their boat. If you’re selling your boat or buying a new GPS, or swapping GPS models for any reason, there will be the need to back up your GPS Coordinates to an SD card and have them formatted to work with your new GPS. Here are some things to remember:

1. Make a back up SD card file of all your current Fishing Spots or Waypoints

2. Always use the smallest SD Card possible. We suggest a 2GB SD card when possible due to the format of this size card. Please note this has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of space your fishing spots will need to fit on the SD Card. Rest assured, you will NOT have more than 2GB of Fishing Spots. This size SD card is recommended due to it’s widely accepted read format in the Marine GPS industry. (Note: We offer SD Cards. Please contact us here about them)