iPhone | iPad Fishing Spots Maps


iPhone and iPad Fishing Spots Maps

Learn how to load your Fishing Spots to your iPad or iPhone on this page. This will allow you to use your Apple mobile device as a GPS to locate your fishing spots. The GPS Apps listed below are very cheap and some GPS apps on the market are free. Note:You may use any app that will load a Google Earth .kml File. We suggest the apps or programs below for your Apple Computer or Apple Mobile Device.



APP: SOME PHONES & TABLETS MAY NOT HAVE THIS FUNCTIONALITY WITH GOOGLE EARTH FILES. SEE THE “GPS TRACKS” APP BELOW FOR BEST RESULTS. Even still, many late model phones and tablets have the capability of using the latest Google Earth App from the Play Store, or the App Market. However, functionality is limited when using Google Earth as a GPS.

How do I open the Google Earth File on my Mobile Device? First, be sure you have the latest version of the Google Earth App installed on your device. Click here to see how to load your new Fishing Spots to Google Earth on your Phone or Tablet. 

Get the Google Earth App – Click here to get the Google Earth App Free for Apple Mobile



iPhone and iPad GPS NAVIGATION APP – For “true” GPS Fishing and Navigation Apps for your phone or tablet to use on your boat, please read the section below. CLICK HERE TO GET GPS TRACKS FOR YOUR IPHONE OR IPAD

We HIGHLY suggest the GPS App below this section instead of Google Earth or Google Maps to get you on the water right away without the use of a computer to load them to your Mobile Device.

Our Google Earth file is powerful and works with many, many GPS apps. We have chosen GPS Tracks as our “Top Pick” because of the price and quality it provides our customers. Our Google Earth/Google Maps files load right into the GPS Tracks App. No other files are needed to start navigating with your mobile device right away! GPS Tracks is in the Top-5 GPS Apps for Apple Mobile Devices. Best of all, its only $3.99! (See how to load your Fishing Spots into GPS Tracks here)

As you have seen, we send your fishing spots to your email account in a ZIP file. Once unzipped, you’ll be able to transform your mobile device into a Fishing GPS and all your new fishing spots will load on this app. The “GPS Tracks” app is only $3.99 on the marketplace. Worth every cent! CLICK HERE TO GET GPS TRACKS FOR YOUR IPHONE OR IPAD (OR SEARCH THE MARKET FOR “GPS TRACKS”) before we get started with loading your fishing spots on the Google Earth/Google Maps file included with your purchase(s) from us.

 I’ve got GPS Tracks on my Mobile Device… Now what do I need to do next? Click here to see how to use your Fishing Spots File with the GPS Tracks App